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Since 1993

A jointly sponsored effort of the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

“Expanded school mental health” refers to programs that build on core services typically provided by schools. Expanded School Mental Health is a framework that:

  • includes the full continuum of prevention, early intervention and treatment

  • serves all students

  • emphasizes shared responsibility between schools and community mental health providers.

The WV ESMH Steering Team develops tools and resources for educators, behavioral health professionals, families and ESMH grantees. Together we can address the mental health needs of West Virginia's students, and reduce barriers to learning.


Every student in WV will benefit from a school environment that supports social and emotional well-being to achieve his/her full potential.


To develop and strengthen policies, practices and services that promote learning and social- emotional well-being for all of WV’s youth through a collaborativeprocess that engages schools, families, and community based agencies.

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