Adolescent Family Engagement – Apr 29

Apr 19, 2024 | Learning Opportunities

How Connecting with Adolescents Can Lead to Significant Outcomes

Family engagement, once synonymous with elementary schools, is now recognized as essential for student success from the earliest years to graduation day. Adolescent family engagement has been shown to decrease absenteeism, support mental well-being, and enhance academic performance. So what is the secret to great adolescent family engagement? Join our 1-hour webinar featuring Rebecca Honig of ParentPowered as she delves into the latest research findings, highlights common barriers, and presents evidence-based methods for schools and families to partner effectively during adolescence. Additionally, gain valuable insights from middle and high school educators and administrators as they share their experiences, successes, and challenges in engaging families. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn practical strategies and foster meaningful family partnerships to improve outcomes for adolescent students.

When: April 29, 2024 – 1:00pm


Hosted by the National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement