Behavioral Threat Assessment in Schools: Evidence, Fit, and Appropriateness

Nov 13, 2023 | News

School violence, including school-based gun violence, is a major public health issue that has negative consequences for students, families, schools, and communities (Basile et al., 2020; Peterson et al., 2021). One approach that schools have adopted to address school violence is behavioral threat assessment (BTA). The Mental Health Technology Transfer Center developed a report on behavioral threat assessment and its intersection with youth mental health.

This report aims to:

  1. Describe the problem of school violence and how BTA became a widely implemented school violence prevention strategy; 
  2. Report on the current state of BTA implementation and its effectiveness; 
  3. Discuss considerations for the fit and appropriateness of using BTA in schools; and 
  4. Offer recommendations for schools, policymakers, funders, researchers, and SAMHSA on addressing BTA use in schools.

Download the report here.