FMRS Raleigh

FMRS Health Systems in Raleigh County Helping Students

Dec 13, 2023 | News

FMRS Health Systems provides a full continuum of school-based services to three Raleigh County Schools, including Beckley Elementary, Coal City Elementary, and Mabscott Elementary. Services include prevention/promotion, early intervention, treatment, and recovery. FMRS services augment standard services provided in schools.

Tier One services include all students at each school and are intended to be used as a preventive, proactive approach. The programs implemented include Sanford Harmony, Second Step, and Ripple Effects. During the 2022-2023 school year, these programs touched the lives of 907 students.

FMRS provides Tier Two services to meet the needs of at-risk students using early interventions. As part of their Tier Two efforts, the team uses referrals, rapid response, and mentoring. Additionally, need-specific, evidence-based programs used include Resilience Builder, Ripple Effects, and Botvin Life Skills. So far in 2023-2024, 36 students have participated in these services.

Some students require intensive, Tier Three individual therapy interventions. To date this year, 61 students have benefitted from these services for a total of 112 individual therapy sessions. Demographics of students receiving Tier Three services show that 33% are non-white, 58% are male, 91% are Medicaid recipients, 44% have CPS involvement, and 64% come from families with substance use issues.

For more information, refer to this flyer or call FMRS at 304-256-7100 and ask to speak with the School Based Service Coordinator.