Heroes Among Us: Utilizing Student Input with Mental Health in Mind, Building Student Teams, and Understanding Peer Influence

Jan 26, 2024 | Learning Opportunities

A Student-Lead Outreach Workshop

After positive feedback following the Student Support Conference, the Oak Hill High School support team has decided to host a Heroes Among Us Workshop specifically for developing a student-led mental health committee. 

When: March 27, 2024

Where: New River Health Conference Center, Oak Hill, WV

Register – Space is limited to 2 adults and 1 student per school. 

The goal of this workshop is to provide other Student Support Teams statewide with tools to implement student-led mental health committees. The support teams will begin the initial development of their committees as well as brainstorm events that are applicable to their specific school. Our Oak Heal Outreach Team (student-led mental health committee) will demonstrate students in action by providing live events during the breaks of our workshops.
These committees are essential to both the mental health of our students and the social/emotional learning that is crucial in enhancing their academic performance.

It’s time to hear our student voices and recognize the “Heroes Among Us.”

Tentative Breakout Sessions:

  • Initial Development of the Team: Interviewing, selecting team members, and student buy-in
  • Evidence-Based Perspective and Event Goals: Utilizing school-wide data and mental health needs to achieve school goals
  • Provide Safe, Fun Opportunities: Increase community partnerships and overall parent engagement
  • Social Media Training: Marketing to the student audience for increased student involvement and community awareness


If you have any questions/ideas, please feel free to reach out to Tiffany Gray.