MUSHTAC & BBH Visits ESMH-funded Schools 

Aug 15, 2023 | News, Current Events

Expanded School Mental Health site visits continue, most recently at Calhoun County on July 28 and Ohio County on August 11.  

The Marshall University School Health Technical Assistance Center (MUSHTAC) in the Division of Community Health, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and WVDHHR’s Bureau for Behavioral Health team received warm welcomes from Arnoldsburg Elementary and Calhoun County board of education representatives in Calhoun County and Ohio County Schools board of education representatives as well as staff from Madison, Elm Grove, Oak Glen and Woodsdale Elementary schools in Ohio County. Ohio County Schools ESMH teams highlighted their visit with a student volunteer who spoke about the impact ESMH in her life. 

The team learned about the unique programs and student supports in place at each school from school principals, administrators, county representatives, students, faculty, and community stakeholders. The team from Minnie Hamilton Health System was also on site in Calhoun County. Each site leadership teams discussed partnerships, highlighted successes ,and recognized challenges of implementation. ESMH teams discussed new school year plans, integration into school emergency/lockdown safety procedures, progress toward grant goals, student and staff highlights, and needs for the upcoming school year, among a myriad of topics.  

These schools are the very hearts of their communities. The teams are passionate about making a difference in their communities via improved supports for students and families. Special shout out to Jessica Watt Dougherty, Madison Elementary ESMH counselor lead,  for the delicious homemade quiche. Each school ESMH team was incredibly welcoming and engaged throughout the visits. 

We look forward to continuing site visits in a community near yours throughout August & September!