Ohio County ESMH Team Brings Experience

Nov 29, 2023 | Current Events

Ohio County Schools Expanded School Mental Health (ESMH) features an experienced team of school counselors leading the way.  

Heather Hines – Elm Grove Elementary, Jessica Watt Dougherty – Madison Elementary, Pam Fazzini – Middle Creek Elementary, and Allyson Kangisser – Woodsdale Elementary work together with school principals, administrators, county board of education representatives, students, faculty, and community stakeholders to support their students, staff, families, and communities. Ohio County Schools ESMH teams are consistently among the highest performing school mental health teams in the state with excellent communication, evidence-based programs, and good outcomes.  

Ohio County Schools was one of the first five ESMH grantees more than a decade ago, and Jessica was part of the original team. She brings a wealth of experience and a sustained passion for helping students. When ESMH grants expanded years later, Pam, Allyson, Heather, and their administrators jumped at the opportunity to bring ESMH to their schools. Since that time, these four counselors have not slowed down in implementation and quality improvement.

They do not hesitate to showcase their school mental health programs at local, state, and national levels when given the opportunity. Just ask Jessica about her award-winning Principal (Andrea Trio) or about OWLS PALS and watch her smile! They all have success stories, challenges, and wisdom born of experience if you have the time to listen. Their schools are the hearts of their communities, and these teams are passionate about making a difference.