Recovery High School Focus Group

Nov 3, 2022 | Current Events, News

Would someone you know benefit from attending a Recovery High School?

If you, or someone you know has a youth that identifies as in recovery, we need their input. We are conducting a focus group on the evening of November 8th in Putnam County to gather more data as to the need and readiness of a recovery high school.

WHEN: November 8th 5:30pm
WHERE: 1 Valley Park Dr. Hurricane WV, 25526

We encourage anyone in the state of WV to attend who meet the following criteria:

  • We REALLY need to hear from youth who identify as in recovery, we need their VALUABLE input.
  • We need to hear from those just a few years out of school who feel they would have benefited from a resource like this.
  • We also need to hear from family members of youth who feel someone in their family could/would benefit from attending a recovery high school.

To be clear …

This is a focus group only, where we will be asking questions that can be answered anonymously. No services will be offered on site at the time of this session. This data will allow us to take the appropriate steps and hopefully get the ball rolling and offer what I’m sure is a much needed resource for our state.

Pizza and beverages will be provided for those who attend.
Please RSVP.

For more information about this focus group, recovery high schools, or to get involved please reach out.