Webinar: Hosting Dialogue on Comprehensive Systems of School Mental Health

Sep 9, 2022 | Learning Opportunities

  • Presenters: Joanne Cashman, EdD, Mariola Rosser, EdD, Joyce Sebian, MSEd
  • Date & time: September 15, 2022, 3-4pm ET
  • Registration link: https://bit.ly/dialogueCSSMH
  • Description: Meaningful engagement and dialogue are the foundation for building effective school mental health systems that benefit our students and the wider school community. In this webinar, experienced leaders in this work will engage participants in discussion and exploration on how to host meaningful dialogue on Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems (CSMHSs) and how the dialogue process is key to effective implementation and sustainability of this work. Participants will become familiar with the 8 Dialogue Guides co-created by over 60 leaders from organizations that are central to the success of local, state, and national efforts to build quality, evidence-based CSMHSs that promote student well-being and provide mental health services and supports. Participants will become familiar with the Facilitation Guide, where to find these valuable resources, and how to use them in their unique settings. This CSMH System Dialogue Guide package is a complementary resource to the foundational Guidance document “Advancing Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems: Guidance from the Field.” Download the Facilitation Guide and Dialogue Guides.